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  • Read Binary Number as Alpha-Numeric

    Read Binary Number as Alpha-Numeric

    Sources: Fray117 Before Continue, Check the Parameter first that might be useful later. Example of Binary: 01000110 01110010 01100001 01111001 Now let we try to translate the first byte 01000110, in binary there is quick way to calculate the results. Binary: 01000110 Values: 64, 32 ,16, 8, 4, 2, 1 in alphabets, calculate from behind.…

  • Binary


    Source: Fray117 What is Binary? Binary is one of two digits (0 or 1) in a binary system of notation, it’s written exactly in 1 bytes (8 bit). Identifying When the first 3 bit containing 011 it’s mean Lowercase, if the first 3 bit containing 010 so it’s mean Uppercase, and when the first 4…

  • Anon Cyber Team Indonesia

    Anon Cyber Team Indonesia

    seems it just organization that talking about computer that have many geeks in there, but did you realize if they would be greater than that? unfortunately in first statement is true and in the second statement is also true. well you would not get that in your mind, but today I want to post article…