Anon Cyber Team Indonesia

seems it just organization that talking about computer that have many geeks in there, but did you realize if they would be greater than that? unfortunately in first statement is true and in the second statement is also true. well you would not get that in your mind, but today I want to post article about non-regular organization, it not a bunch of geeks that just like computer things, this is a few geeks that has ability in computer security and would figure out almost every security in this world.

like their slogan { Let’s grasp your ability to learn exploits and code }  that is prove they are brave enough to challenge us with their skills, this is make them more confident with their braveness, this is the most greatest things that make them stronger. they had participate in many events such as Cyber Security Marathon 2018 and other hackaton also meets, this make their name and also their skills known by everyone.

Anon Cyber Team are unlike other Organizations, Anon Cyber Team every member has role based on their skills because nobody perfect that has every skills, in anon cyber team we’ve many things to do together and make it fun.

Anon Cyber Team, the one of organization that accept me.



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