WPM Project

Introducing WPM (Web Package Manager) my personal Web Wizards projects to make Websites Application Installation more easier!

What Features WPM had?

  • LightWeight
  • Easy Setup
  • Fast Response
  • Simple Design
  • Unlimited Install

How WPM Works:

User need to upload WPM Core File into the web server somewhere, at this point WPM need password to prevent any attacks from other, User enter code for Installation code, for example:


Then WPM trying to fetch the package from the software official server then unpackaged to installation directory target, WPM trying to fetch info about the software if the software had installer so WPM accessing installer page.

WPM Project Information:

Project Name: Web Package Manager
License: GNU GPLv2
Initial release: 10 December 2017
Stable release: 1.0 / 26 May 2018
Repository: (Not Yet)
Written in: PHP
Operating system: Unix-like, Windows
Type: Package management system


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