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  • Blockchain implementation on Indonesian government

    Blockchain implementation on Indonesian government

    Indonesian government would achieve a great impact on how their manual services if it were implemented on blockchain technology.

  • Get JSON Value in C

    Parsing JSON in C wasn’t so easy until I comparing several libraries, but trying JSON-C was easier than I think. let talk about sample case which I want to parse json data from http request, so I use curl for processing my requests and using JSON-C to parse the data. like usually started with including…

  • Simple Fix for Login Bypass Vulnerability on PHP Application

    Simple Fix for Login Bypass Vulnerability on PHP Application

    Before we’re started, let’s getting know about this vulnerability and this bug is almost same with SQL Injection, so this vulnerability letting user directly login to sites without exploiting any other vulnerability. Several Injection Strings: ‘=”or’ ‘ or 1=1 or ”=’ ‘ or 1=1- ‘ or 1=1# Then, how we patching that vulnerability? I will…

  • Capturing and Cracking WPA on macOS

    Capturing and Cracking WPA on macOS

    Capturing & Cracking WPA on macOS? maybe I just use the excellent VirtualBox images of Kali Linux from Offensive Security and aircrack-ng. but I just forgotten that: Using advanced wireless features is impossible from a virtual machine Even if he used Kali Linux with a dual boot, installing the wireless drivers to make it work…

  • What is UTP Cable?

    What is UTP Cable?

    Do you know the term UTP Cable? This cable is used to connect a computer or laptop with an internet network that uses cables. This cable is specifically used in the function and can not be used on television or radio because its function can only deliver internet data flow to the device. The general…

  • WPM Project

    WPM Project

    Introducing WPM (Web Package Manager) my personal Web Wizards projects to make Websites Application Installation more easier!

  • Drupal RCE bug

    Drupal RCE bug

    Hackers have started exploiting a recently disclosed critical vulnerability in Drupal shortly after the public release of working exploit code. Three weeks ago, Drupal security team discovered a highly critical remote code execution vulnerability, dubbed Drupalgeddon2, in its content management system software that could allow attackers to completely take over vulnerable websites. To address this…

  • NetKiller


    do you have wifi at home? but someone has accessed the wifi without your privileges? here’s one Utility Tools might help you kill other people connection that who connected to your wifi. Developed by Fray117 & Me, together with improving this deadly software to make it better and more accurate, as begin research on 23 March 2018…

  • Atom – The best open source text editor

    Atom – The best open source text editor

    Why Atom? There are a lot of text editors out there; why should you spend your time learning about and using Atom? Editors like Sublime and TextMate offer convenience but only limited extensibility. On the other end of the spectrum, Emacs and Vim offer extreme flexibility, but they aren’t very approachable and can only be…