What is UTP Cable?

Do you know the term UTP Cable? This cable is used to connect a computer or laptop with an internet network that uses cables. This cable is specifically used in the function and can not be used on television or radio because its function can only deliver internet data flow to the device.
The general form of this cable is variegated, usually has two specifications that are with high quality and medium quality. Medium quality is usually gray on the skin of the cord, while for high-quality cable usually has a color on the wire protective cable. The price of the two specifications is certainly different depending on the seller and the market price.
Like what is UTP Cable and what is the color function of cable?
UTP cable or “Unshielded Twisted Pair”, this cable is made of a copper conductor and has an insulator made of plastic. To use it required a connector or head of a cable called RJ45, on the head of the connector has a divider that is used to separate between different cable colors because they have different functions. After the cable is mounted with RJ45 connector then the connector on the incline on the LAN Card to use it on a computer or laptop.
UTP Cable
By Baran Ivo – Own work, Public Domain
Cable classification colors have a total of 8 cables, and they all have different roles. Here is a function of each cable that is on UTP cable that is:

UTP Cable Color Function

  • Orange – Serves as a medium of delivery of data packets.
  • White Orange – Works as a medium of packet data.
  • Green – Serves as a medium for packet data.
  • White Green – Serves as a medium for packet data.
  • Blue – Works as a medium for delivering voice packages.
  • White Blue – Works as a medium for delivering voice packages.
  • Chocolate – Works to deliver DC voltage.
  • White Chocolate – Works to deliver DC voltage.

UTP Cable Installation Method

When you want to install a cable on a network, you need to adjust the needs you want to use the type of installation that needs to be paired. If you at the time of installing less in accordance with the requirements then usually LAN cable will not be detected on the network alias not working. And keep in mind that in reading the color an installation starts from the left and is seen from the chin of the RJ45 connector (which has no crest). The provisions of international installation have determined that there are 2 ways of installing this type of cable according to its function:

Cross Cable

As the name implies it can be concluded the installation must be crossed, not all the wires must be crossed. Only data carrier cables need to be crossed.
The following is a picture of the type of cross-over installation on UTP cable:
While the usability of this type of installation is as follows:
  • Connect 2 pieces of the computer directly
  • Connect 2 pieces of HUB / Switch using the regular port between the two HUB / Switch.
  • Connect the computer to the Switch uplink port
  • Connect the router’s LAN port to the regular port in HUB / Switch

Straight Cable

Is the next cable installation type that is usually widely used to connect computers with the network. In this type of installation does not require the alien cable removal is installed straight. So the installation is much easier.
Here is a picture of the type of straight installation on UTP cable:

  • Connecting a computer to a regular port on Switch.
  • Connecting the computer to the cable / DSL modem LAN port.
  • Connects the router’s WAN port to the cable / DSL modem LAN port.
  • Connect the router’s LAN port to the uplink port on Switch.
  • Connect 2 HUB / Switch with one HUB / Switch using the uplink port and the other using the regular port.

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Hopefully what I have delivered can be useful for you and others who want to know about UTP Cable Function.
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