Rather not confessed

This story is rather make you think twice as human emotional were never stable and just wanted to keep it simple, you would think this like some guilty confession or something? well not quite wrong but also half correct, this is about emotional understanding between two people with different perspective and very different life, would you think that my life was that plain shit? I like to bond relationship with people like my parents, my bestfriends, my friends, not my dog cause I never had any dog, but a women might sounds interesting like “more than bestfriends, less than lover” well yeah, I’m literally a human male and not gay.

If you read my article before about how I tried to make a move on a girl might have idea about my type, well? she’s actually beautiful and never seen like her in my age, my friend who also try to move on her was failed and now he tell me that she wasn’t pretty like before yet she was even more prettier than ever with her new haircut, yeah I fell in love with women that wearing glasses but she while using contacts? she still damn pretty, I’m more into asian girls especially oriental descendant (what? it is eastern asia) and the thing is that her was completed my criteria list and so damn annoying on how my mind keep thinking what should I do after this step?

If you reading this right now, I would say thank you and also pretty sure to tell you too that I was fell in love with her.