do you have wifi at home? but someone has accessed the wifi without your privileges? here’s one Utility Tools might help you kill other people connection that who connected to your wifi. Developed by Fray117 & Me, together with improving this deadly software to make it better and more accurate, as begin research on 23 March 2018 that most people think if a massive user connected to one wifi is made router slower depends on what the routers type because of the packets traffic that handled by the router is too heavy, that night too I beginning developing this tools with Fray117, it’s still simple and sightly lightweight too because it wrote in 64 Minutes (write, test, fixes) and it maybe working on several routers, the first test is on Public wifi with quite a lot users connected and we (Fray117 & me) killed more than 20 users in about 1.024 seconds also sleep in 3 seconds before next attempt. also, I contributed to published this amazing tools with SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR.

NetKiller 0.3
Running on Unix-Based

How its work?

when we connected to the router, the program is fetching information from it, and then after information downloaded from it, the program starting with arraying data to who will be killed, after data has been arrayed the program is starting to murder any connection which has been arrayed, before next attempt the program is sleeping for several seconds before next fetching data, it keeps idling until program killed.

Lookup the ALPHA [0.3] version to try yourself.

any damages caused are not my responsibility, this program is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0.

Photo by Thomas Kvistholt on Unsplash


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