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  • What is the difference of Static and Dynamic IP Address?

    What is the difference of Static and Dynamic IP Address?

    An IP address is an address assigned to a device on the Internet. It is analogous to postal address where a letter is delivered, and an IP address is computer’s address where internet traffic is delivered. An IP address is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). When you signup with your ISP, your ISP…

  • Public or Private IP Address?

    Public or Private IP Address?

    A public IP address is an IP that can be accessed over the Internet. Like postal address used to deliver a postal mail to your home, a public IP is the globally unique IP assigned to a computing device. Private IP, on the other hand, is used to assign computers within your private space without letting them…

  • What is DHCP?

    What is DHCP?

    DHCP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is a communications protocol that dynamically assigns unique IP addresses to network devices. As a network device joins or leaves an IP-based network, DHCP automatically renews or releases an IP address. It’s runs in a client/server mode, where server sets up a pool of available IP addresses for a network. A DHCP server also…