Shutdown another Windows Machine Remotely

Maybe you are IT Support in a company, then one computer broken and needed to rebooted, but there’s many computer need rebooted and placed in different several places, this may help you (a lot maybe) too make jobs more faster.
Windows Command Prompt

> net view
(list of computer connected on same network)
> shutdown -i

like you see the command above, maybe make you’ll think it’s easy (yep, is too easy) but maybe problems you facing several things is

  1. is only worked on LAN (do you think this work on WAN? no it isn’t, but if you figure out on WAN please tell me on comment section)
  2. different hub maybe make the computer not visible
  3. these command only work on windows (not sure if Linux can do this, but I was mean the default pre-installed on Windows)
  4. it may can’t executed when no administrator privileges
  5. some data loss maybe included when forced

that’s just my prediction, not real problems :p

okay let’s get back to the topics, the wizard will opened and you’ll know to do the rest 🙂

thanks for reading my article, also read another article that maybe you interested to.


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