Love is like Schrödinger

it just a joke, but also not

Not until a year ago, I met a most perfect woman for my ideal type. she not just cute, she’s smart and innocence pure hearted girl, absolutely one year younger than me. at first, i just not put interest on her, but just a several month ago i realise that is awaited perfect girl on my entire life, it’s like when i don’t know if she live in same district and then she ask me to join her for a ride to school, i think it seems okay at first but later on it’s feel weird and made me feel ungentle for making her gave me a ride and it’s her father that driving, it make more intense but feel addictive without having her, i just love her when i figure out, loving her is made my world even more beautiful, it’s just my theory that she also put interest on me, even it isn’t love, but it’s okay.

Somehow, i don’t want to put feeling on her but also wanted to, it’s confuse me sometimes but can be observed with one result, that’s not loving her, but also put another result as loving her, more like complicated as quantum superposition that made me calculate every actions and my theory just getting more ideal since there another variable like our same vision which is ideality, sometimes it make me awkward when on video conferences and doing something like bitting my finger, she popped up in nowhere and also bitting finger, we put away our finger and it look like we had awkward and no one other that realise beside us, even this is only a theory, i’m so happy if i can considerate this speculation as true.

This theory or you might call it as speculation, i think the probability output are moderate to high, everybody just talking about fate and such are constant, but i think it is not, you can choose your path which can modify your fate that should be the best optimal result and you might call it karma.

Feeling has two probability, love or hate, it could be both and could be one after observed.






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