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Indonesian Government not serious

Indonesian Government? I’m enough, it’s corrupted. I can’t think they hired any better amateur software developer, UI/UX designer, graphic designer, security researcher, workflow designer, or any other bunch it jobs nor even their partners. it’s worst, getting a job in a private company is worth the time than working in any Indonesian Government, they just allowing anyone to join than focus on filtering any people.

The Problems

Look at the, you would know immediately if it is good but rather bad when it’s a national standard for digital payment, it has bad layout and timing animation which is just more troublesome to navigate and they just keep telling the visitor they had API Homepage which is the most visitor should be expected they even had Documentation. Try to look which has the same problem but much weirder, why they put the governor photo on the footer (in a fixed position) even though the citizens do not recognize the governor works? bad layout to navigate, the UI just supporting the bad layout statement. homepage developed by Indonesian Government development team
The Controversial Governor Photo homepage
Unnecessary Items showed up while nobody need it

Know what the difference? the developed by private company and developed by government teams, you may think the private one more interactive (which also, I agree and not) but they still had worse UI/UX, enough the frontend disadvantage. they had unthinkable backend problems, just from the simple problems where syntax not matter, it’s ugly and they not even try to make efficient code, framework is just an accesories while they also implemented in very different way but had same method in the framework which is simpler and more efficient.

Well, it sucks to work with the Indonesian Government unless they had changed the significant technology standard where they can be proud. I can’t think any better than just starting a relationship in Indonesia for now.






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